Free Halloween Audio Horrors!

Good evening boils and ghouls!

It’s your friendly neighborhood Bone Pounder with some (absolutely free) aural stimulation for the creepster season! Yes, as my favorite day – Halloween – fast approaches I am showering you with auditory gold. All building up to the big day when Episode 4 of Deadtime Stories will release on my YouTube Chanel.

I have 4 instant creepy classics that are sure to get your blood pumping and bones jangling.

  1. Songs from the Crypt – Yes boils and ghouls we start with The Bone Pounder’s very own debut horror-hip-hop / nerdcore homage to classic horror cinema! Each track is hosted by me, the Bone Pounder, and features a brief creepy intro!
  2. Freakenstein Presents – Crazy Mixed Up Zombie Music From Beyond The Grave – 20 spooky and novelty songs from the 50’s and 60’s mixed with horror movie sounds, trailers and oddities! Absolutely free!
  3. The Deadtime Stories Podcast – Episode One of the Deadtime Stories Podcast in which The Bone Pounder hosts classic old time radio horror! This episode includes the 1944 Weird Circle version of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein! Interludes discussing the story and the Monster by The Bone Pounder!
  4. Dark Asylum’s Nightmare Night – A free collection of original orchestral music by The Bone Pounder with deliciously demonic cover art by Anthony Scott Waters.

So all you wuffmen and wuffwomen, zombies and zombarellas, and Draculas and Draculinas drop what you’re doing right now and like, share, and listen to these 4 audio releases straight from the crypt!

Until Halloween… stay spooky.


Deadtime Stories Podcast Episode One

In this debut episode of the Deadtime Stories Podcast the Bone Pounder hosts the 1944 Weird Circle telling of Mary Shelly’s FRANKENSTEIN!


The Bone Pounder’s Songs from the Crypt

The Bone Pounder’s “Songs from the Crypt”, hosted horror hip-hop, will be released July 15th. Pre order your copy now at: for only $3.00 USD! Listen in terror as The Bone Pounder homages lesser known monsters, sci-fi tropes, 80’s trash cinema and gives a lesson in classic horror history!


This is not a “horror rap” or horrorcore album as much as it is a nerdy love letter to the genre. Filled with obscure, and direct, references to your favorite movies, actors and stories “Songs from the Crypt” is a horror nerd’s album. In between tracks The Bone Pounder speaks directly to the listener – just as if hosting a film.

Pre-Order now and get an IMMEDIATE download of “The Bone Pounder’s Song (Say My Name)!

Track List:

1. Introduction
2. The Bone Pounder’s Song (Say My Name) 02:09
3. Interlude 1
4. The One Eyed Thing (From Outer Space)
5. Interlude 2
6. Jack Burton (Feat. Tim Dean)
7. Interlude 3
8. The Ballad of Tod Browning
9. Outro